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Chiropractic Care at Transform Austin Chiropractic

Chiropractic care is a healthcare approach designed to remove interferences in the nervous system caused by emotional, physical and chemical stress, so that the body’s innate healing ability can take over and heal itself from within.

The NetworkSpinal® Difference

At Transform Austin Chiropractic, we specialize in NetworkSpinal® chiropractic. Traditional chiropractic care addresses the position and motion of the bones in the spine. NetworkSpinal® is a specialty that looks deeper than that, focusing on the spinal cord and the tension on the nerves. Using this technique, Dr. Stephanie’s goal is not just to restore you to a prior state of health, but to go beyond that to a whole new level of wellness through optimal nerve flow and a healthy tone in your nervous system. The tone of your nervous system determines your quality of life, so our goal is to always improve that tone thereby improving spinal function.

This specialized chiropractic care addresses the energetic aspects of your body, not just its structure. By approaching health from this level of energetics as well as physicality, we are able to help our practice members discover more joy, flexibility and resiliency, greater adaptability to stress, and a quality of life that many hadn’t even dared to imagine.

Somato Respiratory Integration

We also offer a technique called Somato Respiratory Integration, which was designed to work in conjunction with NetworkSpinal® and consists of specific breathing exercises to facilitate different stages of healing. This technique helps create more inner connection and self-awareness to allow practice members to create more change and more freedom within their lives.

Life Force

When the body experiences stress, whether the source is chemical, emotional or physical, it can store this stress as tension in the nervous system, resulting in pain, headaches, illness, depression and anxiety, sleep disorders – even chronic disease. Dr. Stephanie’s analysis allows her to determine exactly where your body is holding that stress, so she can utilize chiropractic entrainments (adjustments) to release the tension, allowing the free flow of life force from your brain into every single system, organ and cell of your body, so your body can function optimally and begin to heal itself. With time, your body learns to dissipate the stress it encounters, rather than hold onto it.

Life Wearing You Down?

Many of our practice members come to us when they realize that they’ve downgraded their lives to accommodate their conditions. Over time, small issues have accumulated and minor alterations to their lives have compounded to the point that life is not as enjoyable as it should be.

If you’ve experienced this, you may feel drained of energy, fatigued, achy and “not yourself.” Even if you’re not technically sick, you’re not well. And life starts wearing you down.

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If this sounds like you, or if you’re experiencing headaches, back or neck pain, fatigue, chronic health conditions, aches or nagging discomfort, we’d love to help you restore your optimal nerve flow and life force so you can experience a whole new level of health, energy and vitality. We want to help you experience all the joy life has to offer! Contact us today to get started!

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