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Are you seeking to get more out of your life and health? You can with NetworkSpinal, a cutting-edge, highly researched healing approach that takes your body to a higher level of organization than you ever had before. You don’t solely subtract pain or symptoms—you’re adding to your nervous system in a way that makes you healthier, more aware, more adaptable and more resilient.

Why Offer This Method?

If you’re called for MORE, if you know there’s more to life than you’re experiencing now, and/or if you’ve tried other things to tackle your health issues but nothing has really worked, then you might be a good candidate for care at our office. Dr. Stephanie practices NetworkSpinal because of the specificity and extraordinary results this approach gets. “The results are so above and beyond anything that I’ve ever gotten before in terms of people’s relationship with their lives, their body awareness, and their ability to self-heal. The method wakes up your inner healing ability,” she said.

With NetworkSpinal, which is largely a light-touch method of chiropractic, you’re participating in your healing and co-creating the outcomes you desire.
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Getting to the Root Cause

NetworkSpinal is outcomes-based, with the objective to improve the quality of life for the practice member. This chiropractic method aims to reorganize the way your spine and nerve system hold onto stress, and teaches your body healthier strategies for dealing with stress as life unfolds.

When there’s an interruption in the brain-body connection, there’s a lack of coherence in the spinal function and nerve system, so what we do is help your body establish coherence. When that happens, a practice member can enjoy extraordinary living, experiencing and healing.

Small Force Makes a Massive Impact

How we apply NetworkSpinal is distinct to each individual and how they experience the world. In a non-linear, closed system, such as an electric circuit or underground pipeline, a large force is required to create a large output or change in the system. Living systems are non-linear, and also they are open; they interact constantly with their environment, so it’s not necessary to apply significant force to make an enormous impact. With NetworkSpinal, we are working with your unique nervous system and nature, and helping your body to upgrade and self-organize. NetworkSpinal is individually tailored to each person, as everybody’s healing rhythm is unique to them.

Having been highly refined and researched, NetworkSpinal makes an extraordinary impact on health and life expression. It’s a light touch in very specific places with individual nuance to activate your body’s unique healing signature.



What Are Some Benefits?

By taking pressure off the spinal cord and taking the distortion out of the posture, you may experience the following:

  • More connection to your body and your breath
  • Improved posture and increased awareness of posture
  • Improved quality of thoughts and clarity of thinking
  • Better decision making
  • More energy
  • Less pain, less often
  • Better sleep
  • Higher quality relationships
  • Experience a wider range of emotions
  • Increased ability to respond rapidly to changes in your environment (emotionally, mentally, physically).

When your spine is healthier, you can experience your life in a way that keeps you moving forward, rather than getting stuck. You might find your true calling in terms of your vocation, or you might meet an amazing life partner. Studies show that there is no end to the improvement in wellness that can happen for you with NetworkSpinal care.

What to Expect

We will have you lie down on the chiropractic table. Dr. Stephanie uses her hands to check specific neuro spinal parameters in your nervous system to determine how to apply the force. It’s part of the assessment with every adjustment or entrainment. The method is completely safe, painless, and there’s no popping and cracking involved.

The visit is about the same length as a normal chiropractic appointment. While we let practice members know that they can expect to be here for 15 minutes, the change can happen instantaneously. The focus is on the specificity of the entrainment, and the impact on the nervous system.

“The work is so specific to each person’s unique nature that when you put energy and input into a system that’s consistent with the nature of that system, that system recognizes the input so profoundly that massive changes happen,” said Dr. Stephanie.

She will create a treatment plan specific to your health goals and the clinical outcomes that the NetworkSpinal work creates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from NetworkSpinal?

NetworkSpinal care is safe and effective for individuals, and for family members of all ages.

How long will I need to be under care?

The choice is always yours, but most people choose to stay under wellness care because they’re so delighted that things increasingly get better for them and they feel fantastic. Think about going to the gym. If you merely go once, you may experience a temporary benefit. However, if you go several times a week, you’ll reap greater rewards.

By getting entrainments regularly builds the benefit and momentum for change.

What type of training do you go through to provide this method?

As the work is always evolving, Dr. Stephanie stays current with the latest ongoing, postgraduate training because she values being able to deliver the highest quality service to her practice members.

How long have you been providing NetworkSpinal care?

While Dr. Stephanie used to adjust practice members using the traditional structural chiropractic adjustment, she started using NetworkSpinal in 2017. She has been a patient of this method for nearly two decades, and it’s helped her tremendously.

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