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Pregnancy Chiropractic in South Austin

The most common question we get about chiropractic care during pregnancy is, “Is it safe?” The answer is YES! Chiropractic care is safe all the way through pregnancy, right up through labor. Regular chiropractic care throughout pregnancy benefits both the mother and the child.

Dr. Stephanie is honored to serve our pregnant practice members, providing special care and attention to them and their growing family. Regular chiropractic care reduces pain, discomfort and stress for our pregnant moms by helping their nerves flow freely. And she helps to optimize the growth and development of the baby by balancing the mother’s hips, pelvis and uterine ligaments so the baby has plenty of room.

pregnant mom folding onesieWhen you’re pregnant, your body goes through more changes than at any other time in your life – all in nine short months! The changes are physical, biochemical, hormonal and emotional, and all those changes can lead to a lot of stress in the body. Regular adjustments can help your body adapt to these on-going changes. In addition, adjustments help balance your hips and uterine ligaments to create enough space for your baby to grow and get into the optimal head-down position for an easier delivery with fewer medical interventions.

At Transform Austin Chiropractic, we use safe, gentle NetworkSpinal® chiropractic adjustments (entrainments) for our pregnant practice members. We also have a special cushion that allows even full-term moms to lie face-down on the adjusting table, which provides a level of comfort they have often been lacking.

Newborn holding moms fingerAll those changes that Mom’s body is going through can result in compromised nervous system function – and since her nervous system is functioning for two people, any compromise can affect the development of the baby.

Regular chiropractic adjustments allow her nervous system to function optimally, which means her body is able to properly support and nourish her growing baby. And when her pelvis is aligned and the baby can get into the best birthing position, delivery goes more smoothly – meaning a gentler birth for the baby.

The amount of stress a baby experiences during birth can affect their ability to handle stress throughout life, so we strive to help Mom provide the gentlest possible birth to give her baby the best possible start in life.

Mom kissing newbornYour body was already undergoing tremendous change and stress – and then you gave birth! Besides that physical stress, there’s also the stress of transitioning to motherhood, which is often overlooked by everyone (including Mom) because all the attention is on the new baby.

Getting adjusted can help restore life energy that’s been depleted by lack of sleep and caring for and feeding your baby. It can also help relieve back and neck pain from holding your baby, and restore the integrity of your pelvic structures.

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late!

Chiropractic care can help before, during and after pregnancy, so any time is the right time to get started. Contact us today to book an appointment for safe, gentle pregnancy chiropractic care!

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