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Dr. Stephanie talking to group

Trauma Recovery in South Austin

At Transform Austin Chiropractic, trauma recovery is an important part of our practice. Nobody escapes trauma in life. Being human is difficult, and the effects of both micro-traumas and macro-traumas accumulate in our bodies. Over time, people lose the ability to recover from trauma and adapt to stress, and their health suffers. We offer a life-changing process and experience of working through that.

Trauma doesn’t have to be as obvious as the death of a loved one, fighting cancer or being in a car accident. Trauma is anything that puts a stress on your life. It’s anything your body hasn’t recovered from – from sibling rivalry to a hostile work environment. It can be caused by the stress of navigating our everyday lives in the many roles we have to play. Our bodies can’t always keep up with the sheer volume of stressors in our lives, and that stress accumulates, creating tension in our nervous system. Often, people’s nervous systems get so shut down from trauma that they can’t see beyond their perspective of pain and suffering.

But there’s a freedom and an ease available to them that they don’t even know exists, and it can help them get their lives back and live the life they want. We didn’t choose the name Transform Austin Chiropractic by accident – we want to help you transform your life by showing you what’s possible and helping you achieve it!

NetworkSpinal® chiropractic adjustments (entrainments) give you a clean slate by processing and eliminating old traumas form the past, and it helps you create healthy new strategies to deal with present traumas as they occur, so they don’t get stored in the body. This allows you to see life completely differently, as you’re no longer viewing it through the lens of all your accumulated trauma.

Somatic Respiratory Integration breathing techniques facilitate this healing process, and we also offer discussion groups so practice members can share their experiences in a safe, supportive environment. Sharing these experiences with peers helps to process and let go of trauma.

Dr. Stephanie knows that such a journey of discovery can be difficult and painful because she’s traveled the same road. Her goal is to provide compassion, connection and empowerment, uplifting and comforting you as you work to free your body of these accumulated traumas. She is honored to provide gentle chiropractic care to enhance and nurture your connection to your inner self and your body.

Your body has the ability to process and let go of old experiences to make room for a lighter, freer experience of life, beyond past circumstances. We help you clean out all that old tension and introduce new strategies to help you going forward. Our trauma recovery care helps you create more flexibility and resiliency in your life, improving the way your body feels and functions, and brightening your mindset and outlook, changing how you see yourself and how you see life.

We’d Be Honored to Help You

We would be honored to assist you in your trauma recovery process. Contact us today to learn more.

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