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Cracking and popping vs. Light touch: comparing chiropractic apples to avocados.

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Cracking and popping vs. light touch

Most people are familiar with the stereotypical “cracking and popping” that they see chiropractors doing on YouTube. Maybe you’ve even had this experience yourself. Sometimes when people find out that we use a “light-touch” or “low-force” approach at our office, they apply the same principles from the manipulative style of adjusting, and then assume that the light touch style “does not work”. 

Of course a light touch is not going to “move the bone” in the same intentional way as a high-velocity structural or manual adjustment. The light tough from NetworkSpinal has a different intention and different outcome in mind than that of a manipulative thrust.

Cracking and popping vs. light touch

What’s really happening with NetworkSpinal? How is a light touch so powerful? 

The answer is: it’s literally a reorganizational force. Rather than “taking away” something that doesn’t need to be there (as in a chiropractic manipulation), NetworkSpinal works with the body, and with the brain, and utilizes the intelligence of your body’s inborn wisdom and unique energetic signature. Your body learns, through NetworkSpinal adjustments (called entrainments), to find its own way back into spinal coherence and alignment. I have seen clinically over the years that this approach has a more profound and longer-lasting effect than to push or force the spine back into position. 

There is a time and a place for a structural or manipulative force. I myself have received life-changing structural or traditional adjustments, from some of the most masterful chiropractors on the planet. It is powerful work. And: it's not accurate to compare that model to a light touch model of healing. Far from comparing apples to oranges, light touch chiropractic isn’t even in the same food group. NetworkSpinal chiropractic care is essentially back-door healing. It’s a different application altogether, with a different intention and  outcome in mind. This natural, clinical application reads between the lines, accessing what’s unconscious in the body-mind as stored tension or stress, and integrating it. NetworkSpinal allows your body-mind to use that stored tension as fuel, to move your body and your life forward. It enhances the body’s ability to improve the way it heals itself. The result is: we become more conscious, more self-aware, and in essence: we have the opportunity to become more of who we really are. 

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