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Narcissism: more than a buzzword, it causes distorted physiology

Body breaking Free

Narcissism: more than a buzzword

The narcissist in your life is keeping your body stuck. 

A new client was in for her adjustment; she was on a 2 visit per week care plan, and this was her 7th visit so far. Her spine was not improving as much as I had anticipated, given her young age. The tension in her spine had her whole body in lockdown. It wasn’t just in one place on the spine, it was throughout her spine, but was accentuated in the lower neck, the mid back, and the hips. Upon seeing this pattern, a distinct question formed in my mind: “Who is the narcissist in your life?” I asked her. 

This may sound like a strange question to ask someone during a chiropractic adjustment session. But I see this time and time again. When a client has an abusive, domineering, or otherwise unsafe person in their life, the body goes into lockdown. This is a protective mechanism; it happens especially when we are children, growing up in unsafe households with unconscious caregivers. 

This tension pattern originally served to protect us when we were children. As we grow up and our needs for autonomy, personal agency, and individual expression emerge and become more prominent, these lockdown patterns no longer serve us. The problem is: we can’t “get out of” them. It is interwoven into our physiology. Our brain experiences it as part of our identity.

Spinal tension patterns themselves are largely unconscious (the effects or symptoms of them are not). But carrying this amount of tension in the spine and nerve system pulls on our muscles, fascia, and spinal ligaments. Making your back, neck, or hips feel stiff and deeply achy (like a deep, painful ache). It may be that nothing makes it feel better, except for going to sleep. Then the next day, it’s back again. 

If this sounds like you, we can help. NetworkSpinal chiropractic helps your body to recognize and release these old patterns. Your spine develops new, healthier ways of dealing with stressful or unsafe people. It’s a way of taking your power back. These new connections in your brain-body, or body-mind, support you in not just getting rid of pain, but it goes far beyond that. With a healthy spine, you can get to know and value yourself and choose your own principles, beliefs, and actions, in all of your doings and relationships.

NetworkSpinal chiropractic helps your nervous system heal. Healing allows you to take your life back. This client did share with me that she has a narcissistic family member in her life. It showed in her body. Now that she knows that, she can be more empowered in her healing process.  

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