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Welcome to Transform Austin Chiropractic!


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Specializing in body-centered healing through NetworkSpinal Chiropractic Care

If you are someone who values all levels of health expression and self-awareness then you are in the right place!

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Your spine functions as the central modulator of posture, perceptions, movement,
your emotions, and your sense
of self.


Your body was designed to be self-healing and self-correcting. The stress and pressure of modern life (old trauma, prolonged sitting, constantly rushing, stressful relationships, and environmental toxins) is stored as tension in the body. These tension patterns distort and diminish your body's ability to be adaptable and resilient.


Our goal at this office is to help you create lasting changes in the way your body feels and functions.

NetworkSpinal Chiropractic Care is a precise clinical system that unwinds tension patterns that have been built up and stored in your spine and nervous system. It involves light touches (no "popping or cracking") to enhance your brain-body connection and re-awaken your inborn healing capacity.


As your body unwinds tension and reconnects to itself, new and healthier strategies for handling everyday stresses (big and small) emerge. You will have the capacity to get unstuck, to heal beyond where you were before, and to experience new levels of well-being and life expression.

Our goal is for you to organically cultivate more awareness and connection to your body and your emotions.

Many people report having more energy, sleeping better, feeling a more full range of emotions, having improved decision-making, experiencing less pain, and much more. We are excited to work with you and to help you along your journey to better health.

We like to say: it's not about your back,
it's about your life!

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"Healing is an awakened, embodied experience."

- Donny Epstein


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Transform Austin Chiropractic
Transform Austin Chiropractic logo

Meet Dr. Stephanie Harris


Dr. Stephanie’s unique therapeutic approach helps people to connect more to themselves, live more fully through the wisdom of their bodies, and improve their quality of life and relationships.

She combines her background in athletics, human performance & optimization, personal development and life sciences to guide and empower people through a process of healing, body-centered awareness, and self-discovery. 

She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, earning her BS in Nutrition, and was licensed as a Registered Dietitian. She later earned her doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West, graduating with highest academic honors (summa cum laude) and as valedictorian of her class. She has been in private practice for over 15 years; the first 11 of which were in Durango, Colorado before moving back to Austin in late 2019.

Dr. Stephanie has completed extensive postgraduate training in NetworkSpinal chiropractic, studying and embodying the nature and energetics of how living systems operate, heal, and thrive. She has also delved deeply into learning how nervous systems respond to and heal from trauma, and she has a passionate, ongoing inquiry into the inborn emotional intelligence of the body. She is a facilitator of Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI), a mind-body application for enhancing healing and life experiencing.


Her influences range from world-renowned chiropractors such as Sue Brown and living legend Donny Epstein, to cutting-edge consciousness and healing experts such as Deepak Chopra and Gabor Mate, to groundbreaking social researcher Brene Brown.

She is a seeker, life adventurer, star gazer, taco lover, and proud mother of 2 teenagers. When she’s not driving her children around, you can find her at the climbing gym, swimming with turtles, or riding her bike with youthful abandon.

Our Services


NetworkSpinal Chiropractic Care

Dr. Stephanie has 20 years experince in chiropractic, and in this time she has developed extraordinary hands-on palpation skills. During your first visit, she will assess the health (or quality of life expression) in your spine and back. She knows intimately how the body holds tension, and how to apply NetworkSpinal chiropractic to relase it and create more space for who you really are meant to be. When we are more in our authentic self, the body holds a lot less tension! Click below to learn more, and to get started.


Body-breath work
(SRI private sessions)

Deepen your experience of NetworkSpinal by adding in personalized embodiment sessions. SRI, or Somato-Respiratory Integration, helps you recognize your body's rhythms and connect more to your emotional/mental experience in your body. This is a powerful and integrative energetic approach to further identifying and releasing tension, and to knowing yourself better. Click below to schedule an in person session!


Transformational Coaching and Mentoring

Do you feel stretched too thin, overwhelmed, over-sensitive, and lacking personal power? Do you struggle to take good care of yourself, but you know you were meant for MORE? If you are a highly sensitive person (HSP) who is tired of feeling stuck in your body and in your life, Dr. Stephanie can help. She specializes in helping HSPs recognize their strengths and to claim their sensitivity as their superpower! Click below to apply for a complimentary consult call.

How it Works


The New Client Process: What to Expect

Our intake process consists of 2 visits:

We are committed to helping you transform your health by being a catalyst and a resource for you to have the experience of healing beyond your current circumstances. We want to help move your baseline to new levels of health and life expression. Our individualized treatment plans consist of weekly visits over a specified period of time. We offer a deep commitment to your continual improvement over a period of successive visits. If you are excited for your next level of health, we can’t wait to partner with you on your journey toward feeling and functioning better!


Your first visit is a consultation and exam with Dr. Stephanie. You will get to discuss your health history and health goals, including any current pains, symptoms, or concerns. Then she will conduct a thorough spinal wellness evaluation and assess your posture, movement, and connectedness or tone of the nervous system to gather objective data.


On your second visit, she will go over the findings from the history and evaluation, you will receive your first gentle adjustment, and she will discuss care plan and financial options with you.

We offer package discounts and payment plans. We aim to make receiving care at our office efficient and affordable for everyone.

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Families are welcome here!

Network chiropractic Austin


NetworkSpinal chiropractic care is safe and effective for people of all ages, from newborn babies to great grandparents. Infants and children benefit from the preventative effects of NetworkSpinal care. The benefits are far-reaching, impacting every facet of their lives as they grow and develop. We offer family discounts and care plans for the whole family!

Why We're Different

Chiropractic Care Plans

Individualized Chiropractic Care Plans

Healing is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Your care at this office is individually tailored to your health goals, your specific needs and your body's unique healing rhythms. With regular appointments, Dr. Stephanie gets to know your spine really well, and she can serve you better this way. NetworkSpinal chiropractic is designed to meet the needs of each individual, with the goal of uplifting humanity as a whole, one spine at a time.

Trauma Informed Practice

Trauma that has not been processed or healed is stored in the body as tension (which is largely unconscious). When our body is locked in the past, it is much harder to be present for what’s beautiful and true in our lives now. Dr. Stephanie has taken extra training to learn about how the spine and nervous system is impacted by trauma, and to ensure that you feel supported on your journey, no matter what you've been through or are currently going through. Our first priority is that you feel safe, and our office practices & procedures, and our healing approach help you cultivate a felt sense of safety in yourself, through your body. With a felt sense of physiological safety and connection to your body, so much more feeling and healing can open up before you that was not previously available to you.

Trauma Informed Practice
A Calm Environment for Healing

A Calm Environment for Healing

We want your time at our office to be quality time with yourself; a time to really check in. We offer a quiet and calm environment for you to be able to relax and focus on your body and your healing, without having to worry about the stresses of your day. A body that is in defense or fight-or-flight cannot heal. A relaxed body and present mind will take you places!

Education and Workshops

We offer classes and workshops for your ongoing education. During these classes you will have the opporutnity to be inspired about your healing, to learn more about NetworkSpinal care, to ask questions, and to meet other practice members who are also on their healing journeys. We want this to be a place where you can learn, heal, and grow in community.

Education and Workshops
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Testimonials for Transform Austin Chiropractic

"I found Dr .Stephanie in the midst of a healing crisis. Her calming offie and gentle adjustments have given me the emotional space to allow my body to rest and to begin to heal. I am so grateful for her pratice and look forward to continuing care."

Amanda R


  • What is NetworkSpinal Chiropractic, and how does it help?
    NetworkSpinal is a focused, gentle, and natural form of chiropractic that takes into account your unique nature, body, and history. The goal of NetworkSpinal is not just to restore you to a previous or prior condition (as you were before the symptoms, pain, or health conditions set in), but to upgrade your body’s healing and self-organizing abilities to a level beyond (or better than) where you were before. It is a clinical analysis system for finding the tension patterns in your spine, spinal cord, and nerve system, and releasing them. Releasing old stored tension patterns improves brain-body connection, physical performance, and reduces the risk of injury. The application of NetworkSpinal takes into account the energetics of your body and the field around you to create more coherence, or connection, throughout your living system. When your spine is healthier, you can experience your life in a way that keeps you moving forward, rather than getting stuck. Studies show that there is no end to the improvement in wellness that can happen for you from receiving NetworkSpinal care. Some of the benefits may include: More connection to your body and your breath Improved posture and increased awareness of posture Improved quality of thoughts and clarity of thinking Better decision making More energy Less pain, less often Better sleep Higher quality relationships Experience a wider range of emotions Increased ability to respond rapidly to changes in your environment (emotionally, mentally, physically).
  • How does gentle chiropractic make a difference?
    In a non-linear, closed system, such as an electric circuit or manufacturing production line, a large amount of input is required to create a large output or change in the system. Living systems are non-linear, and also they are open: they interact constantly with their environment, so small changes in input into the system can make an enormous impact. How we apply NetworkSpinal is distinct to each individual and how they experience the world. With NetworkSpinal, we are working with your unique nervous system and nature, and helping your body to upgrade and self-organize. Instead of “taking away” stuckness or tension with a manipulative (traditional chiropractic) force, NetworkSpinal is an application that allows us to find the places where your spine and body is saying YES to MORE. In this way, we are working with the wisdom of your body, and upgrading its capacity to connect and heal. NetworkSpinal is individually tailored to each person, as everybody’s healing rhythm is unique to them. Having been highly refined and researched, NetworkSpinal makes an extraordinary impact on health and life expression. It’s a light touch in very specific places with individual nuance to activate your body’s unique healing signature. One of the biggest benefits of receiving a light-touch form of chiropractic, is that a person gets to heal and connect to their body without tensing up. Oftentimes, in anticipation of receiving a manipulative thrust, a person’s body will unconsciously tense. This instinctive guarding actually impedes the effectiveness of the therapeutic input to the system. With NetworkSpinal, it’s easier to feel relaxed and inherently safe receiving the care, thus maximizing its therapeutic benefits.
  • Once I start chiropractic care, do I have to go to the chiropractor forever?
    Chiropractic care can be a foundation to any healthy lifestyle.The choice to continue going to the chiropractor is always yours. Much like choosing to eat healthy, to go to the gym, and to brush your teeth, your health is your choice. Most people find that once they start getting adjusted and feel better, that they value receiving this type of care as a part of their self-care for themselves and their families. Many of us are walking around in our day to day lives not knowing that we could feel so much better. Once we do start feeling better, we want to keep feeling well. Healthy habits beget more healthy habits. Would you expect your teeth to stay healthy if you stopped brushing them? Would you expect to stay fluent in a language if you are not speaking it regularly? It’s the same with your spine and nerve system: stress will continue to accumulate in your spine, but if you are getting adjusted regularly enough, your body stays more resilient to stress and handles life better. It’s like riding a bike: once you learn how to ride a bike, you never forget, but you have to get back on the bike to access the muscle memory required for bike riding. Receiving NetworkSpinal chiropractic care helps you develop the sensorimotor strategies and skills needed to keep moving well and feeling well. Coming in for your adjustments enables you to keep accessing those strategies, and building upon them. So, the reason why people continue seeking chiropractic care is not what you think: they are not “dependent” upon it, but they value its benefits, and they want to keep feeling well.
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